Dani Cole’s Expertise in BIG Cocks

Posted in Teens/18 Plus on January 28th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

By far, Dani Cole was the naughtiest teen I've ever seen. She was the athletic type, with long legs, firm body and corky glasses that worked for her. We went through the usual interview. Dani was babbling nonstop about her preferred cock size which happens to be thick. I had the perfect man for her. Billy. He was super thick and loved ripping teen pussy to shreds. As the interview progressed I discovered Dani Cole was no BIG cock virgin. I couldn't wait to test her expertise. I waved Billy on set. He spread her legs, tongued her pussy and took his 12 inch jack hammer out and Dani Cole rode it until she reached a sloppy orgasm. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Dani Cole ONLY at BigCockTeenAddiction.com

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Slutty Xmas Continued Starring Nika Noire

Posted in Babe on January 27th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Another year has started but Santa had a naughty gift waiting for me at the studio by the name of Nika Noire. She's a brunette with huge tits, tight ass and sporting a sexy Santa outfit. I couldn't wait to unwrap my slutty present. I walked on set. Dick growing by the minute. I tore of her top, licked her nipples while fondling her shaved snatch until Nika was moist enough to accept my dick in a box. I bent her over the couch. Slammed my thick dick in and out of her snug pussy while smacking that ass. DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at MrBigDicksHotChicks.com

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Eager Film Student Megan Moore

Posted in Teens/18 Plus on January 27th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Posing as film students we get the attention of Megan Moore walking down the street. We asked her to film a few scenes about why college is the ticket to success and wealth. She was a freshman at a local community college taking acting classes and was eager to be on film. Teen Megan was very comfortable in front of the camera so we asked her if she was interested in being a model and joining a special teen club we have going. Once she found out the cash bonus, she was ready to make her debut! Click Here to Watch Megan's Free Sample Clip!

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Wife Pleases Kinky Husband

Posted in MILF on January 26th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Devyn Lee and her hubby were having marital problems. Married for 7 years then the itch started. Hubby was bored of one on one sex. Always had a fantasy of seeing his sexy wife drilled by pornstar dick. For whatever reason pornstar dick was acceptable to this conservative. Devyn Lee wanted to please her man so she finally agreed to submit photos to the wife banging crew Denyn was hot. Long in the tooth but still a looker. Her fake tits were perky, ass was on the tight side and pussy looked tasty. When the couple arrived on set her husband stripped her down to nothing, offered her up to Billy who jack hammered her smooth pussy until she came buckets. DOWNLOAD the full movie for CHEAP only at PleaseBangMyWife.com


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Holly Wellin’s a Glory Hole Slut

Posted in Glory Hole on January 23rd, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

We wanted a good old fashioned blond beauty for the newest installment of Mr. Happy's Glory Hole. Lucky for us Holly Wellin stopped by the studio. She quickly gave a boner inducing striptease where she showed off her killer moves as well as her boner inducing curves. She decided to unwind by rubbing a vibrator on her pussy but she was craving the real thing so she rang for service and quickly bee lined to the first cock sticking out of the glory hole and slurped it down. When a second cock appeared she grabbed a hold of it stroking it good and take turns sucking both cocks. She spotted the cock sticking out on the floor and she quickly slide her tight pussy riding that big meat stick while getting face fucked by another dong in the wall! DOWNLOAD the whole movie only at MrHappysGloryHole.com

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Natalie Norton Fucks for Fast Cash

Posted in Amateur on January 22nd, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Since the economy hit the skids there is a plethora of amateur couples in desperate need of cash to pay their basic bills. Natalie Norton and her boyfriend Harry were one those couples. They decided to sell their Range Rover to cover rent. Jimmy and I overheard the couple chatting about a fair price. That's when Jimmy swooped in, offered the amateur couple a few grand for the truck plus another couple grand to fuck his hot girlfriend on film. Natalie was cute, blonde hair and tight coed body. Perfect for the plucking. Her boyfriend Alex pulled Natalie to the side. They chatted, intensely for a few minutes then took the bait. Once back at Jimmy's place Natalie tore her clothes off, went down to swallow up Jimmy's cock until he was stiff enough to wreck her pussy all while Alex watched. DOWNLOAD the full freaky movie ONLY at XXXProposal.com

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Kelly Wells Multiple Squirting Orgasms

Posted in Squirting on January 21st, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

It's been a while since I got totally drenched with pussy juice. I missed it. So, I asked around for a full fledged squirter. Kelly Wells name came up followed by her long list of squirting experience. I booked her immediately. Kelly arrived the next day. She wore a striking pink half shirt, bikini bottom and sexy high heels. I left her on set for a minute and when I came back, my bed was drenched. There was no need to ask. I knew it was Kelly's squirting pussy. I had to get a taste. I took out my dick and told her to suck it as hard as she could. Once it was stiff as a board, I went in and out of her pussy until Kelly Wells's pussy erupted with a burst of pussy cum. She came 4 more times before finally letting me cum all over her wet pussy lips. DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at SeeHerSquirt.com

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Shannon Kelly Craves Chocolate

Posted in Interracial on January 21st, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

My boy's been buggin me again about rent. I always slack off until he annoys me. So I found the classifieds and called about a job at the local car wash. I was hoping I could bag some rich MILF's. As usual I was late to the interview. I walked thru the doors and spotted a sexy MILF in a mangers outfit. Could this be my lucky day? I walked over, introduced myself to Shannon She was checked me out, hardcore. I got the feeling she would be down with the swirl. She led me to her office and told me she hasn't gotten laid in a month cos her husband has a little white dick. Shannon's always been curious about the loving only a black cock can provide ya. I dropped my pants, she got down on all fours and sucked the black off my cock. I bent her over the desk and pumped her white pussy full of creamy cum. Check out the full movie ONLY at BruthasWhoLoveMuthas.com


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Latest Asian Teen Recruit – Cali Lee

Posted in Asian on January 20th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Mr. Chew has been feeling teen Asian landing strips nowadays. Man, he was damn horny to make us track down Cali Lee. Bummer. But once I saw her pictures, I felt my crotch bulge. She had this pretty face, real teen boobies and yummy Asian twat. I called her and set a meeting the following day. Cali came in the studio as directed. Holy shit she was smoking in her midriff top and skimpy black skirt. I was all eyes on her exotic goodies and lucky me Cali was liberated enough to feed me some more. I found out that she was at the ripe age of 19 and has a mixed heritage, Thai and Salvadorian. Wow. That was why she looked so fucking hot. I rushed in the set, stripped her and took out my dick. Cali knelt, sucked my fat schlong and I dragged her on the couch, where I tapped her Asian twat hard. DOWNLOAD the full movie of teenage Asian cutie Cali Lee ONLY at MrChewsAsianBeaver.com


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Sex for Scholarship – Leah Wilde

Posted in Teens/18 Plus on January 20th, 2009 by sales@trafficcashgold.com

Our fuckumentary was not doing great. It sucked. Andrew and I got turned down a dozen times already but what the fuck we needed a teen landing strip. Before we lost all our hope we did our last rounds in the campus. Jackpot! I saw a sweet looking blonde all alone on the bench. I took my camera with me and introduced myself to this coed. Leah Wilde asked me wtf was going on. I told her I was having this documentary thing about broke college girls. She told me she was one. She was working part time in the campus but it was never enough for her new books. Leah was just 18, a sophomore, and she had a tight fuckable body. She looked damn perfect. I offered her cash but she played coy. Damn it. Finally, she took my bait and we went to Andrew's dorm. She stripped right away, shook her plump cheeks and showed her small tits. Andrew jumped beside her, sucked her tits and flicked her fat coed pussy until he was hard enough to fuck her. Catch Leah Wilde fuck for books when you DOWNLOAD her full movie ONLY at CollegeTeensBookBang.com

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